Monday, January 15, 2007

We're Making Progress!

If you are reading this, you are no doubt interested in Big Stone Gap and what's the latest news of Bridging the Gap and the Gap Partnership. Because communication continues to be an issue, I decided to try writing this blog in order to keep more folks up to speed regarding activities and "goings-on" in the Gap.

Let me know what you think. I expect plenty of others to "chime in" as well.

You may be interested in the name, "The Gap Partnership." This is still an informal name but we are having on-going discussions and dialogue with the membership of The Gap Corporation, the local merchant's association here in The Gap. A few months ago, in order to strengthen both the Bridging the Gap group and The Gap Corporation, BTG approached the Gap Corporation to discuss a merger of the two organizations. Fortunately, the Gap Corp. wish to continue this dialogue and I understand at the Gap Corp. winter retreat this past Saturday, Lee and Anita were appointed to continue dialogue with the BTG folks. Patti and yours truly have been asked to continue that dialogue from BTG to discuss what proposed by-laws might look like if the group does indeed merge.

Our group thought The Gap Partnership might be a good way to reflect who we are with the additional tag line of "Bridging the Gap from Good to Great!"

The Executive Committee of Robert, Spencer, Sharon, Patti and I will continue to work on ways to begin fundraising. This discussion will eventually lead to a job description and the work required to search and hire the right person to lead the organization.

O. .while I think of it, this past week was pretty eventful. The Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission made a $300,000 commitment toward an incentive to assist in attracting the movie version of Big Stone Gap to be filmed in "The Gap" See the attached news article. Also check out Tabitha's web site that she put together to promote and encourage the movie to be filmed in the Gap. . . .Good work all!


Peter Hille said...

Hi Skip,
Thanks for starting this blog. I think everything we can do to streamline communication will be a great benefit.

Sounds like good progress with the Gap Corporation dialogue.

We're looking forward to coming to BSG on Saturday.

Anita said...

Skip, This is a great idea and I am impressed. I know we can find lots of ways for everyone to be involved. We have a wonderful town and I want to see us prosper.

Tony P said...

This is a great idea Skip. As soon as I learn how to blog I'll give an update to the Community Chest.