Thursday, February 1, 2007

Better Communication Strategy

Because we have a number of initiatives on-going simultaneously, I suggest we try some "team-blogging." If everyone who heads up a particular focus group would take a few minutes to report on your activities on a regular basis, we could all feel like we have the latest information available. Furthermore, if you would invite your individual committee members to check-in, they would be up to date on the happenings of the various other groups.

Groups and their various leaders include:

  • Executive Committee: Patti Cantrell and Skip Skinner
  • Restaurant Committee: Geneva O'Quinn
  • Communications Committee Glenda Collins & Tabitha Peace
  • Wellness Center: Nancy Bailey
  • Youth Focus Area: Sandra Neece & Shirley Smith
  • Performing Arts: Barbara Polly
  • Community Flag Project: Ron Short & Nancy Toney
  • Community Chest: Tony Palubicki
  • Beautification: Peg Jeffries & Tori Smith
  • FROG (Friends of the Greenbelt): Heather Volk
  • Seniors: Stan Botts, Jr.
  • Music Festival - Gathering in the Gap: Sharon Ewing
  • Singing Convention: Paul Kuczko
  • Tourism Strategic Plan: Anita Wade
  • Big Stone Gap Movie Committee: Geneva O'Quinn & Beth Hagan

I'll send out invitations to these individuals inviting them to be authors on this blog. I hope you find this helpful.

In order to organize the various posts, please include your group or committee name under the Label window. By using labels, your readers can quickly navigate to news from your particular group by clicking on the label name from the upper right-hand column of the page.

If you need assistance with "basic blogging," be sure to read the help suggestions. Happy Blogging!

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