Sunday, March 18, 2007

Restaurants in Downtown

In an article in today's Kingsport Times News, Sharon Caskey Hayes discusses the importance of restaurants in downtowns. Several new restaurants have opened recently in downtown Kingsport. According to Lisa Childress, executive director of the Downtown Kingsport Association, said a growing restaurant sector is a sign of a strong downtown.
"Restaurants are the leading traffic generators for downtowns, and they are common in successful downtowns," Childress said.

Also, check further down in the article where they interview a friend of mine that I grew up with in Appalachia, Tom Keller, owner of TK's Big Dogs. Tom started out with a hot dog cart and after successfully testing the market, moved into a permanent location. After that he started hosting weekly "jammin" sessions which led to the beginning to a summer concert series. Another lesson we can learn and utilize as we take advantage of our location upon The Crooked Road, Virginia's Heritage Music Trail.

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